Value Added Features

We have added several features to ARMA over the years to enhance the base package for individual customers. These features are available to other customers and can be customized to meet their individual requirements.

Enhancement Description and Benefits Price
Bulk text and/or email customers for a specific day/round Text/email all customers with valid contact details for a particular day/round with a customizable message
Can be used to contact customers if unable to service a clean due to breakdown etc.
Could be used to notify customers in advance when you are due to visit.
Greatly reduce number of calls if you currently contact customers by phone.
Proactive communication – shows you care!
Text/email customer during End of Day processing if unable to clean a bin Text/email each customer ‘missed’ during end of day processing. Can be set to just email a customer if both email and mobile contacts stored.
Reduce queries from customers if you haven’t been able to clean some/all of their bins.
Proactive communication – shows you care!</td
Email invoices and ‘Welcome’ letters Option to email customer instead of printing and posting/hand delivering letters
Reduce costs by using electronic communications.
Save driver time as no need to push invoices through letter boxes
Compost bin surcharge option Option to add a ‘surcharge’ for compost cleans during those nasty, smelly months.
Recoup the extra cost of cleaning grassy/muddy compost bins through the spring and summer.
Can be customized with start/end date for surcharge, value of surcharge
Include cleaning schedule on invoices and ‘Welcome’ letters Include schedule of cleaning dates on your invoices and welcome letters.
Reduce queries from customers regarding cleaning dates.
Can be customized to include any breaks e.g. Christmas & new year
This option is very useful for commercial cleans where the invoice is sent to a different address/email to the cleaning address.Create an invoice for a specified amount
Modify customer name/address
Add/modify email address
Add/modify/delete cleaning dates if necessary
Modify bin names (useful for commercial customers)
Include a customized message to the customer

Each of these enhancements requires significant effort from us to implement as each of our customers has differing requirements. Any customer requiring 2 or more enhancements will receive a 10% discount off of the total cost.