Remote Installation Service

We will install and configure ARMA over a secure remote connection.

Once the installation is complete we will customise the system to your requirements and guide you through the stages you need to follow to start using ARMA for the daily round management of your bin cleaning business.
What’s included: 
  • Full installation of ARMA including registration details
  • Customisation of bin names, payments, company details etc.
  • Setup of your first round including addition of several streets and some customers (we’ll get you to do the typing here, but will guide you through the process)
  • Walkthrough of how to use the system on a day to day basis including producing driver lists, running end of day and entering adhoc cleans and payments.
Remote installation is priced at £100 if you have purchased a license for the full version of ARMA, either with a one-off payment or through one of the regular payment plans.
If you would like us to install and configure the trial version of ARMA the cost is £150, with a £50 discount off the purchase price of ARMA if you choose to buy the full product.

Purchase Remote Installation along with our Data Entry or Data Conversion service and save 20% on the installation fee.