ARMA is probably the only Wheeled Bin Cleaning Management program developed by someone who is both an IT professional and former full-time bin cleaner. This gives us a unique insight and understanding of how the bin cleaning business works. As a result, ARMA reflects the way YOU work – not the way some computer programmer thinks you should!

Produce driver lists in just a few seconds, update clean records for a day in just a couple of minutes.

Provide your accountant with detailed income reports – save them time, reduce your costs.

Main Features:
  • Print Driver Lists for all scheduled rounds for a day
  • Add all cleans for a round with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Payment entry automatically updates customer credits
  • Search for customers using a variety of parameters
  • Cleans automatically suspended for a customer if they reach your credit limit
  • Statistical and Financial reporting built in

All this and more for only £1200 for a lifetime single user license and your first year’s support, or just £60 (including support) per month.

Why not download and try ARMA for yourself. There’s no obligation to purchase, and the trial version can be extended to run for 60 days once you register. What’s more if you purchase ARMA you gain the opportunity to guide future development and features. We are always open to suggestions on how things can be improved or for new options that can be added to the system.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve added since releasing the original product:
  • Welcome letters for new customers
  • Report detailing income by month
  • Marketing letter for inactive customers
  • Received cheque details (cheque number, sortcode, account number)
  • Expanded detail area for commercial customers