About us

Jon Moody (ARMA chief designer and developer) worked for Lloyds Bank (in several incarnations) from 1979 to 2003. He started as a computer operator in central London, progressing through the years as a data storage specialist, performance analyst, and mainframe system administrator. In the mid 90s he was given responsibility for maintaining the Windows and mainframe servers for the cheque clearing process.

Over the next few years he oversaw the implementation of the database systems used to process upwards of 3,000,000 cheques each working day, creating the automation processes for a large part of the workload.

Su Moody (ARMA tester and quality controller) also worked for Lloyds, starting as a technical documentation author and progressing through Operational Proving (testing new systems before they went into production) to Project Management of major IT projects.

By 2003, what was now LTSB had outsourced their cheque clearing operation to a third party based in Northampton. Jon began commuting to Northampton to take on a new role managing the automation of the cheque clearing for not only LTSB but several other major banks using the same company. When it was clear that a move closer to Northampton was a necessity, Su left the bank and so began life in the Midlands.

In the spring of 2007, fed up with the ever increasing amount of red tape Jon had to struggle through to make the simplest of changes, he quit his job in IT and started an independent bin cleaning service. Not wanting to rely on a single income stream, in 2008 he started to offer local small businesses and social clubs the opportunity to have a web presence at a very reasonable price, with web hosting packages including website design.

In the Summer of 2010 Jon were approached by a major IT service provider in the financial sector who needed some help resolving a backlog of problems on their systems resulting in a one year contract with them, commencing in the Autumn of that year.

An opportunity arose later in 2010 to develop a system to manage the bin cleaning businesses of our own and another local company and ARMA was conceived.

Several bin cleaners signed up for the software, saving themselves literally weeks of administration. In March of 2016 a bin cleaning company specializing in commercial bin cleans expressed interest in ARMA. We gave a presentation on the benefits of ARMA at their head office and after some discussion agreed to modify ARMA to better suit their business. Unfortunately, due to bin cleaning commitments, the timescale quoted for the changes required did not meet their expectations. Out of the blue, they suggested buying the bin cleaning business to free resources for the software changes to ARMA. A price was agreed and the bin cleaning sale complete in the April of 2016.

With achievements ranging from a website for a small business to the automation of the batch processing for the cheque clearing operation of a major bank, and project managing the migration of a major bank’s ATM network on to a new platform, the team has over 50 years experience in the IT world, designing, building, testing and running services.

In April 2018 ARMAsoft was absorbed into Datamove Cloud Limited. Datamove specialises in providing management software for Children’s Nurseries and similar businesses, whilst continuing to provide a full service for existing and future users of ARMA.