Updates galore

ARMA has been much improved over the last 12 months with some great new features added:

  • Street order for driver lists and round complete can now be set by bin type. This means you can set a different order for the round if e.g. waste and recycling collections are made in a different order
  • Option to enter the time for each ‘missed clean’ when running end of day
  • Customers in Arrears form updated to allow direct entry of a payment or to go to the customer details page. This allows the user to go through the list telephoning each customer and updating the customer record as needed
  • New option on Main Menu to select a customer by ID

There’s always more in the pipeline!

New website build in progress

The old ARMA website is becoming difficult to update and maintain, so we’re moving to a wordpress site over the next couple of weeks.

We’ve copied all the old news items and the main pages, but there may be a few bits and bobs missing!