ARMA Lite launched

We have now launched ARMA Lite which has exactly the same functionality as full ARMA, but is limited to a maximum of 500 customers.

If you’re just starting out on the bin cleaning trail, or wish to perform an extended test of ARMA on a limited number of customers, then order ARMA Lite today!

ARMA Lite is priced at just £15 per month including support compared to the £60 per month for the full UNLIMITED version.

New Features

We’ve added some great new features to ARMA over the last few months:

  • Print/Preview individual driver lists for a round instead of all rounds for a day
  • Run Round Complete for selected rounds only
  • New onscreen report listing all payments for a specified period – sort/filter by payment method, date etc.
  • Allow driver lists to be sorted in a different order depending on which bins are being cleaned
  • Traffic light system added to driver lists to highlight any special instructions for an address