Overseas enquiry

We received our first overseas enquiry late in November. ARMA can be used pretty much anywhere, as it takes date, time and currency formats from your Windows defaults.

We were both pleased and surprised to get an email from New Zealand asking us for an extended registration key for ARMA.

ARMA is free for the first 2 months provided you register the software using the key we can provide by email.

Problem (resolved) found with Windows XP

We have found a problem when running ARMA on Windows XP, where payments are not correctly applied to a customer.
The software has now been fixed, but if you have previously installed ARMA and are running XP, we strongly recommend you download and install the patch version from here.
Detailed description:
When adding a payment for a customer, ARMA stores the customer number in a variable to pass to the payment routine. If running WIndows XP the code to build the variable name doesn’t work. This results in a customer number of 0 (zero) always being used by the payment routine.
Calling routines, and the payment routine, modified to use a fixed variable name for the customer number.

User Guide now available for download

Download the ARMA User Guide from our downloads page and take a look at what ARMA could do for you…

  • Step by step guide to setting up ARMA
  • Managing daily tasks
    • Printing run sheets
    • adding payments
    • adding cleans at end of day
  • Printing reports
  • Modifying rounds
  • Registration process

New features are being added all the time. Check the support page for details.

Wrapping up loose ends

We’ve been busy dotting the odd I, crossing a T or two and generally preparing ARMA for the outside world.

The help file is complete and has been fully incorporated into the system and all the major bugs in the code have been fixed.
The latest release has been installed on our system at FreshbiNNs and is running live – once we have a few days of problem free processing under our belts it will be all systems go.

ARMA ready for release

We’ve been working hard applying the finishing touches to ARMA and are now ready for release.

There are just a few tweaks needed to the help file and some final testing of the installation procedures and then we’ll release into the wild.
Watch this space for the official release date.

ARMA running live at our first client

Although still a work in progress, we have implemented ARMA for our first client with all background data (rounds, streets, bin types etc.) pre-loaded.

Customers are being entered by the client a couple of days before the cleans are due by copying details over from their paper based system.
We’ve already saved them having to copy out new record sheets for each street they visit, which normally takes about 40 hours over the Christmas period, and there’s more to follow. By our estimates, ARMA will save this client over 200 hours of paperwork each year – that’s the equivalent of an hour that could be spent with your family every workday evening!

ARMA parallel running begins

After months of hard work, we have got ARMA into a condition where we can run it alongside our existing system.

We’ll be comparing driver lists, end of day processing, payments and back-end  admin features over the next few weeks to make sure everything is working as designed.
There will be problems along the way – anything this complex is bound to have some errors in it, but  we still plan to have a usable system ready for our client by the end of the month.

ARMA is conceived

After meeting with our client over the weekend we have reached agreement to develop a replacement for his paper based records system with a target delivery date of late January 2011.

We showed him our current system and explained in which areas ARMA would be different better.
Our client normally spends the Christmas period writing new record sheets for more than 1000 streets that he visits each month, taking about 40 hours over the fortnight. He says that he can squeeze in an extra month onto the end of this year’s sheets which allows us extra development time before he becomes desperate.
We will be liaising closely with the client over the next few months as we develop and test the system.