Cloud Version up and Running

We have successfully ported ARMA to run on a server in the cloud.

One of our existing customers has been testing functionality and we are happy to say that everything except printing is fully working. Once the printing problems are resolved we will be able to offer this exciting new option to all new and existing customers.

Value Added Features

Over the years we have added several features to ARMA for our existing customers. These are in addition to the base product and can be purchased by anyone using ARMA to manage their business.

  • Bulk text and/or email customers for a specific day/round
  • Text/email customer during End of Day processing if unable to clean a bin
  • Email invoices and ‘Welcome’ letters
  • Compost bin surcharge option
  • Include cleaning schedule on invoices and ‘Welcome’ letters
  • Create customizable invoice

The price for each feature varies from £120 to £400 – some are more complicated than others and require customizing for each new ARMA user. Any customer purchasing 2 or more of these features qualifies for a discount. See Value Added Features for more details.

Long overdue update

Wow, I can’t believe it’s a year and a half since I last posted an update!

We have now embarked on complete rewrite of ARMA for the online version following insurmountable problems running the existing code in the ‘cloud’.

Our next release will be an add-on for existing customers to enable real-time tracking of cleaning progress through the day. Each driver will be able to use a mobile app to record cleans completed/not done as they work with updates sent back to head office.

Once this app – named streetARMA – is up and running we will be starting work on moving ARMA to the cloud.

ARMA Online – delayed

We have postponed the release of ARMA Online due to performance problems on our hosting platform. We are looking at ways to improve performance without incurring unreasonable costs.

Watch this space for further updates.

ARMA Lite launched

We have now launched ARMA Lite which has exactly the same functionality as full ARMA, but is limited to a maximum of 500 customers.

If you’re just starting out on the bin cleaning trail, or wish to perform an extended test of ARMA on a limited number of customers, then order ARMA Lite today!

ARMA Lite is priced at just £15 per month including support compared to the £60 per month for the full UNLIMITED version.

New Features

We’ve added some great new features to ARMA over the last few months:

  • Print/Preview individual driver lists for a round instead of all rounds for a day
  • Run Round Complete for selected rounds only
  • New onscreen report listing all payments for a specified period – sort/filter by payment method, date etc.
  • Allow driver lists to be sorted in a different order depending on which bins are being cleaned
  • Traffic light system added to driver lists to highlight any special instructions for an address

Updates galore

ARMA has been much improved over the last 12 months with some great new features added:

  • Street order for driver lists and round complete can now be set by bin type. This means you can set a different order for the round if e.g. waste and recycling collections are made in a different order
  • Option to enter the time for each ‘missed clean’ when running end of day
  • Customers in Arrears form updated to allow direct entry of a payment or to go to the customer details page. This allows the user to go through the list telephoning each customer and updating the customer record as needed
  • New option on Main Menu to select a customer by ID

There’s always more in the pipeline!